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Main guidelines websites

  • AHRQ -Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (formerly AHCPR) - United States of America
    The website is connected with the National Library of Medicine and includes Guidelines, a selection of references for clinicians and patients, brochures for general public and EBM documents, technology assessment reports
  • G-I-N - Guidelines International Network
    An international not-for-profit association of organisations and individuals involved in clinical practice guidelines. G-I-N seeks to improve the quality of health care by promoting systematic development of clinical practice guidelines and their application into practice, through supporting international collaboration. G-I-N’s Guideline Library contains regularly-updated information about guidelines of the G-I-N membership
  • HAS - Haute Autorité de Santé (formerly ANAES - Agence Nationale d'Accréditation et d'Evaluation en Santé) - France
    Produces clinical practice recommendations and consensus conferences on the main clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic issues
  • NICE - National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence - England
    Special health authority of the English NHS that produces clinical guidelines, technology assessment reports and clinical audits
  • NIHR-HTA - National Institute for Health Research - Health Technology Assessment Programme - England
    Database including technology assessment reports produced by HTA
  • SIGN - Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network - Scotland
    Guidelines produced by a multidisciplinary network of English and Scottish health professionals.

Other guidelines websites

  • AGREE - Appraisal of Guidelines Research and Evaluation
    Project funded by the European Community to evaluate the quality of guidelines on the basis of shared criteria
  • CKS - NHS Clinical Knowledge Summaries (formerly PRODIGY Guidance) - England
    Guidelines and systematic reviews produced by the British Public Health Department. Documents are listed by therapeutic area. A free registration is required to use CKS outside of Great Britain
  • CMA - Canadian Medical Association Clinical Practice Guidelines - Canada
    Guidelines of the Canadian Medical Association. Documents can be searched by keyword
  • CTFPHC - Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care - Canada
    Systematic Reviews and recommendations of the CTFPHC. The website is designed to be a practical handbook for health professionals and patients to judge preventive interventions in public health
  • eMJA - Clinical Guidelines - Australia
    Guidelines and systematic reviews published by the official journal of the Australian Medical Association (The Medical Journal of Australia)
  • NGC - National Guideline Clearinghouse - United States of America
    Guidelines database produced by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) in collaboration with the American Medical Association and the American Association of Health Plans. Data included in the database can be searched by keyword, condition/disease, treatment/intervention. It is possible to compare formally guidelines with a reading grid
  • NHLBI - National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute at National Institutes of Health - United States of America
    Includes guidelines on asthma, cholesterol, hypertension and obesity
  • NZGG - New Zealand Guidelines Group - New Zealand
    Linee guida, consensus conference e revisioni sistematiche, catalogate secondo i criteri della evidence based medicine
  • RMO - Les Réferences Médicales Opposables - France
    Guidelines produced by the Union Professionelles des Médicins Libéraux, that are characterized by being "negative" recommendations (saying what should not be done)
  • SBU - The Swedish Council on Technology Assessment in Health Care - Sweden
    Reports of abstracts of medical-scientific literature which has among its objectives to identify methods that do not contribute to patients' health.

National institutions

Health websites

  • PartecipaSalute - Website dedicated to citizens and representatives of associations and ethical committees to help make conscious decisions on health and medicine related issues